Citation Sovereign

Leading the way in the mid-size private jet class is the Citation Sovereign. With its advanced aerodynamics, exceptional short-field capability, superior fuel efficiency and high level of comfort, your next charter will be convenient and cost effect. It’s highly suited to longer distances (6 hour flight range) and offers you supreme performance within a deluxe and spacious environment.

Citation Sovereign is a niche aircraft that offers more cabin volume and longer range than most mid-size aircraft, but lacking the interior volume, speed and range of a super mid-size jet, such as Challenger 300/350, Hawker 4000,

The main seating area, between the cockpit divider to aft lavatory bulkhead, is about 19 ft. long. Thus, the cabin has the most volume of any Citation yet certified. So, it has ample room for double club seating, plus one or two side-facing chairs next to the forward, right side galley.

Operators and charter brokers praise Cessna for building an aircraft that offers passengers so much cabin comfort and yet is able to fly so far from such short runways.

The Citation Sovereign aircraft offers more cabin volume, considerably better runway performance and 300 nm more range than the Hawker 800XP. It is equipped with a 100 cu. ft. aft, external baggage compartment offering twice the volume of the Hawker’s vestibule closet. Sovereign also could accommodate another 35 cu. ft. of luggage inside the cabin.