Cessna Citation CJ4

The CJ4 has added speed, range and cabin size over its predecessor without incurring midsize jet operating costs.The Collins Pro Line 21™ avionics suite allows a single pilot to safely and effectively operate the CJ4.

Features such as single point refuelling, an externally serviceable lavatory and excellent range deliver what crew and cabin passengers appreciate.The CJ4 features an attractive width of 58 inches, enhancing its cabin comfort.


The CJ4 features separate temperature-control zones for the cockpit and cabin, and digitally managed pressurization that maintains a sea-level cabin up to an altitude of 21,067 feet.

Passengers can also enjoy an exceptionally quiet cabin via acoustic-blanket soundproofing.

Six deeply cushioned, generously wide reclining leather seats feature a patented retractable armrest design, with available lumbar support and seat-side media docks.

Each seat tracks forward, aft and laterally and may recline all the way to horizontal in certain configurations to allow for a more comfortable cabin experience.

The standard configuration for the CJ4 cabin is six-place centre club seating, with a seventh seat across from the entry door. Another floor plan configuration offers a two-place, side-facing couch for a total of nine seats. Lockable external baggage compartments can be loaded with a massive 1,000 pounds of total weight.