Cessna Citation Bravo

The Citation Bravo is one of Cessna’s best selling private jets and is an ideal choice for travelling on shorter trips around Europe. The Bravo is able to accommodate up to seven passengers and is comfortably configured with reclining leather seats.

The streamlined aircraft is capable of flying you as swiftly and smoothly as possible to your chosen destination. It can reach high altitudes enabling it to voyage above inclement weather.


With a comfortable interior, including full reclining leather seat sit provides the perfect environment to manage your business project or family holiday.

Once you have climbed the steps into the Bravo and have taken your seat, the noise and bustle of the outside world seem to melt away into silence.

Comfortable revolving chairs, extra headroom, a long list of options, elaborate noise insulation all of these are a clear indication that this space was created especially with work and relaxation in mind.

The aircraft is equipped with a refreshment centre offering a fully stocked bar and an enclosed lavatory is located at the rear of the aircraft.

With the ability to fly to smaller regional airports the Bravo allows flexibility and convenience along with privacy and comfort and is perfect for individuals or small groups wanting discreet, cost-effective and luxurious travel.

It’s a popular choice of aircraft for clients flying from the UK to Malaga, for their holidays. Lots of baggage space for suitcases and it is also good for ski and golf equipment.