A private flight creates comforts that you won’t get on a commercial plane, but more importantly, it’s about how much time and money you can save. Business jet charter is extremely popular with companies who prefer to travel without the hassle of delays, cancellations and lengthy check-in procedures.

“Business aviation is essential to tens of thousands of companies of all types and sizes that are trying to compete in a marketplace that demands speed, flexibility, efficiency and productivity.”

Studies have shown that employees are 20% more productive on a business jet, than a commercial flight. As you know business travel on a commercial flight can be a tedious, unreliable and an uncomfortable experience at the best of times. We realise that you want a more customised end to end travel itinerary.

The main benefit to your company is an increase in the productivity of your employees. They can work in a quiet environment en route to meetings. Being able to control pretty much all of your travel plans. Not only can your employees work in privacy, the stress and inconvenience caused by travelling commercial is eliminated. Not only is it a more efficient and reliable schedule, your company can project a positive corporate image. It shows that you value your time and most importantly your clients time.