Business Charter

Imagine, your commercial international flight departs at 06:30 am from London Heathrow. You need to arrive at the airport three hours prior. Once you manage to get there, you have to go through the long check-in lines and security lines. Once all that is done you still have to hang around the terminal for nearly another hour before you actually take off. Do you have that much time to waste?….

Instead when you charter a private jet you get to eliminate all the problems associated with commercial travel. In essence, private flight creates comforts that you won’t get on a commercial plane, but more importantly, it’s about how much time and money you can save. Business jet charter is extremely popular with companies who prefer to travel without the hassle of delays, cancellations and lengthy check-in procedures.

“Business aviation is essential to tens of thousands of companies of all types and sizes that are trying to compete in a marketplace that demands speed, flexibility, efficiency and productivity.”

Business Tool

A business jet can benefit your company and employees. Studies have shown that employees are 20% more productive on a business jet, than a commercial flight. As you know business travel on a commercial flight can be a tedious, unreliable and an uncomfortable experience at the best of times. We realise that you want a more customised end to end travel itinerary.


From small to mid-size companies to large businesses and multi-national corporations, Falcona Private Jets can organise a tailor made solution for you. Your time and money is important to your business. Private jets rarely get cancelled, compared to commercial flights.

Delays and cancellations cost your business, money in the long run. If you arrive at the terminal slightly late, your aircraft will be ready and waiting, to fly to your next destination. You can be home the same day spending more time with the family, instead of staying in a hotel overnight.

The main benefit to your company is an increase in the productivity of your employees. They can work in a quiet environment en route to meetings. Being able to control pretty much all of your travel plans. Not only can your employees work in privacy, the stress and inconvenience caused by travelling commercial is eliminated. Not only is it a more efficient and reliable schedule, your company can project a positive corporate image. It shows that you value your time and most importantly your clients time.

Why Charter A Private Aircraft For Your Business?

  1. Schedule Predictability – No delays, cancellations or connecting flights.
  2. Reach Multiple Destinations – Quickly and efficiently in one day saving the need for overnight stops.
  3. Access Remote Areas – Private aircraft have access to twice as many airports compared to commercial airlines; available for business aircraft.
  4. Increasing Employee Productivity – Employees can meet, plan and work en route. Largest value driver, because using business jets improves people’s work environment/quality of life; thus higher productivity returns and higher value.
  5. Save Time – Arrive 20 minutes before your departure, no security queues or baggage delays.