Aircraft Guide

Falcona have access to the finest private jets and operators around the world. We select the best aircraft that suits your needs. Our team specialise in large cabin aircraft,  that seat from nine passengers to sixteen passengers. The choice is yours.

Falcona Private Jets acts on behalf of its clients and serves as an agent/broker. Falcona Private Jets does not own or operate aircraft.


More spacious than mid-size jets, with the benefits of Heavy Jets but at a more competitive rate. Feature wide-body cabin space, high altitude capability, speed, and long range flying. These jets combine transatlantic capability with the speed and comfort of a wide-body jet. Full standing headroom, luxury spacious cabins, flight attendant and great luggage capacity – ideal for VIPs, business executives and family holidays. Seating for up to 10 passengers and up to 7 hours flying time.


embraer-legacy-650-private-jetHeavy Jets embody optimum performance in every aspect, they offer the ultimate flying experience and are the most exclusive choice for non stop flights for up to 9 hours. Wide cabins give a feeling of space and comfort on these jets and they can typically hold large amounts of luggage such as 10 golf bags, 12 suitcases or 10 skis. Fully equipped galley with room for preparing and serving food and drinks. Entertainment systems, sat-phone, wi-fi, meeting and sleeping facilities. These jets provide the greatest number of amenities in the highest level of comfort. Extremely popular with VIPs and executives.



Ultra long range jets are considered as the most luxurious of all the private jets available for charter. Ideal for long transatlantic flights such as London to Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo to New York non stop. These are the choice of business jets for CEO’S and executives of Fortune 500 companies who need to do business face-to-face with clients and partners in emerging markets such as China, India, Africa and Brazil.

On-board you will find the latest in flight technologies such as sat-phone, wi-fi, leather seats, seats that convert into beds, showers, DVD, air con and iPod controlled systems. Capable of up to 13 hours flying time non stop. Typically seat up to 19 passengers with large baggage capacity, that can be accessed from in the cabin.