Falcona Private Jets is an independent charter broker company based at Manchester Airport, private jet terminal.  We specialise in private jet charter for businesses and high net worth individuals.

Our clients use our service is to maximise their time, whether it’s a business charter or a leisure charter flight. We know that right aircraft is important to you after all, that’s why you’re comparing. But we realise that each charter flight is different and so we’ll help you to find the right aircraft for you.

Every operator that Falcona work with has a valid AOC (Air Operators Certificate) and for more discerning clients we have operators that go above and beyond the industry standard of safety. These are Wyvern Wingman, AR/GUS standard operators.

 What we do for you

  1. Falcona ultimately saves you time right from your initial contact with us.
  2. We search the private jet marketplace on your behalf, finding the best available aircraft for your journey.
  3. Giving you the support and knowledge throughout the booking process.
  4. When you choose to charter a private jet, we will work with you through every step of the purchase process to ensure you fully understand all of the requirements. As your private jet broker, we give you an honest and transparent service at all times.
  5. Booking a private jet can be complex, time consuming and a lot of hassle, even for those who fly on a regular basis.

Why charter a private jet with Falcona?

  • We save you time by searching from our worldwide database of registered operators; to find you the best available aircraft for your journey.
  • No upfront membership fees or monthly management fees.
  • We only select the best operators and aircraft. Falcona will not compromise our commitment, to providing you with the safest aircraft and crew for every flight.
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Chauffeur service to and from the airport.
  • Discreet and confidential service.